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Sunday, September 05, 1993
Second Degree Initiation
This is a ceremony we have used a couple of times (with variations to suit the candidate) for the second degree initiation. You will note that it borrows from many sources: Masonic, Gardnerian, Celtic, and Flight of Fancy. We've done it robed, sky clad, and some interesting combinations. Seems to work ok either way. If the candidate has done the work, the initiation ceremony is more of a public "rite of passage" or recognition of that fact... the real "initiation" is between the Gods and the candidate, and therefore cannot really be "conferred".
...Gary Dumbauld, High Priest, Hernesgaard Circle

A ceremony to recognize completion of the 2nd degree course of study

The Circle is cast as usual. All are properly prepared and purified. High Priestess and High Priest pe...

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Friday, October 16, 2009
Invocation to Baldur
by Russ Anderson
Baldr, Son of Frigg, Join us.
Baldr, Son of Odin, Join us.
Baldr, Husband of Nanna, Join us.
Baldr, Brother of Hodr, Join us.
Baldr, Brother of Hermod, Join us.
Baldr, Father of Forsetti, Join us.
Baldr, Slain by blind Hodr, Join us.
Baldr, Master of Breidablik, Join us.
Baldr, Who is much loved, Join us.
Baldr, Who Thokk alone would not mourn, Join us.
Baldr, The Fairest of the Aesir, Join us.
Baldr, Whose Judgments stand unaltered, Join us.
Baldr, Whose Judgments stand unheeded, Join us.
Baldr, The Wisest of the Aesir, Join us.
Baldr, The Shining One, Join us.
Baldr, Your servant _______ calls you! Come to me NOW! ...

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Saturday, November 07, 1987
Initiation into The Coven - Outdoor Version
by Doreen Valiente
Candidates for initiation should be in good mental and physical health. They should also be of legal age and sought out the Craft of their own free will.

Before being accepted into the Coven (s)he should spend sometime learning about the Craft and magic and such. (S)he should know about practices that most people get uptight about. She should be told that initiations are perfectly safe and voluntary. Also, if at any time prior to taking the oath she wants to back out, she can do so with out fear or other recriminations.

The candidate must chose a Craft name. This name should not be a common American name and must have personal meaning to the candidate.

Traditionally the apprenticeship lasted for a year and a day. This is a good idea if it can be done. Before (s)he can be initiated, the Coven must ...

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Thursday, January 14, 1993
Ceremony of Initiation
by J. Brad (Talespinner) Hicks
This ritual is a compilation of Gardnerian, Fairy, and traditional Wiccan sources, and is intended to be used as an initiation for graduates of my training course in Basic Technologies of Witchcraft. While the ritual is powerful enough as it stands, I strongly recommend that it be reserved for people who have been prepared through training at least equivalent to that which I give, or much of the impact may be lost.
Blessed be!
J. Brad (Talespinner) Hicks

Guided Meditation

(The following will be read to all participants in the form of a guided meditation, prior to the processional. It helps if the first paragraph is read by a male voice and the second paragraph by a female voice. NOTE: All are nude; the initiate is also blindfolded.)

Hear the wo...

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Friday, May 14, 2010
Basic Spell Construction
Because of the very nature of Magic, each working should be highly individualized and personal. Even if following a traditional spell, it should be tailored to your specific needs to be most effective for you.

Understanding the basics of Spell Construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire. Preliminary planning is necessary. The very first step is to decide precisely what your desired end result is to be. Before you can start, you must decide where you are going. You must be very.explicit.It is important, also, that you choose your time carefully. You should take into consideration all Astrological implications, energy currents and Moon phases.

The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us, it is very important to c...

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